Introducing  Lucas

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Lucas is 3 weeks old in these two pictures.
Lucas is now 4.5 weeks old now

Lucas is being a big brother to little Tucker who is now 2.5 weeks old.  Sweet Pea is being mother to both little boys
Tucker's mom did not have enough milk for him so he is being supplemented and also nursing, thanks to Sweet Pea

This is Sweet Pea who is now playing "Super Mom" to the two little Boys

Tucker is now 4 weeks old.  He is following his little buddy Lucas all over the Nursery, they are sleeping together, playing together and pretty soon he will be eating just like Lucas

Sweet Pea has tucked these two little boys in for the night.
Aren't they just too cute for words?

Tucker is a Blue Lynx Point and White

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Lucas is now 7 weeks old

Lucas and his Uncle Ike.  Lucas is a Natural Mink McTabby and White.  Ike is a Seal Lynx Point and White.  Notice Ike has very blue eyes.  Lucas, because he is a Mink, will have Aqua eye color

Tucker is 6 weeks old here, with his cute little personality

You will see Tucker, Lucas and mom Sweet Pea

Lucas is now 9 weeks old

Tucker is now almost 7 weeks old

Both of these little boys have been adopted by the same family and will continue to be best buddies!
Lucas and Tucker are now 9 weeks and 11 weeks old and as sweet as sugar.  They will both be going to the same home the middle of June.

Lucas and Tucker will be leaving for their new home and family tomorrow June 9th, 2012.  I'm going to miss these sweet little boys sleeping with me, helping me brush my teeth and playing painting on the iPad. They have a lovely family in Valdosta, GA to take over the care and love of these sweet little boys.

Here we are!  We are only 17 days old with our eyes just opened and ready to begin exploring as soon as we learn how to walk.  We have all been reserved at this time.

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Babies have arrived!  A special litter by Angel and Tate

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We are now 6 weeks old. 

Seal Lynx Point Reese

Natural Mink Little Boy, Joey, will become a Stud Muffin

Natural Mink & White Little Boy

Seal BiColor Little Girl  Is called Mini Muffin

Faith and Donny's Babies were born on July 7, 2012
They are Two and a Half weeks old.
Both of these kittens are currently on hold for people that have placed advance deposits.  Once choices have been made they may be available

Benjamin is a Cream Mink and White

Victoria is a Sable Torti and White

From Left to Right
Minnie Muffin, Steve, Rafi and Ringo

Angel and Tate's Babies -

This was their first visit to the vet for their first kitten shot and exam.  They are 9 weeks old here.

This is Faith with her 2 darling little babies.
The Cream Sepia and White is  little boy.
The Sable SepiaTorti and White is a little girl
They are 4 weeks old.

I am Victoria

I am Benjamin

We are now 8 weeks old

Benjamin and Victoria's first visit to the vet at 8 weeks
Benjamin and Victoria 9 weeks old

We have the latest delivery of Chocolate Drops
They are 10 days old

The LuvNMuffin Chocolate Drops are now 4 weeks old
There are 3 little boys and 2 little girls. The girls are the two on the right end

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February 23,  2013

Minnie loves caring for her little Chocolate Drops and giving mom a break

This little boy's name is Riley.  He is a darling and can often be found laying on his back with all four feet up wanting to be held.  Riley has been Chosen.

This lttle boy is Chester!  He is a solid Sable Sepia.  He is the talkative one of the group and sweet as Godiva Chocolate!
He has been chosen.

This little boy is Riley.  I love his little white Chin, Mitts and Boots.  He is also a Sable Sepia.  He is currently available for adoption.

This darling little girl is a Solid Sable Sepia. Her name is L eisel.  She is on the Petit side right now.  She is currently on reserve.
This is S ophia She is a sweet little girl, solid Sable Sepia like her sister.  She is also currently on reserve status.

Benjamin and Victoria will be leaving on the 16th for their new home in Sleepy Hollow, New York.  They will join Jolene, Angelo and Jean.  This is a very special home for these lovely RagaMuffins.

The Chocolate Drops are now 5 weeks old.
This is play time with Minnie Muffin. She is so gentle with these little ones and they really enjoy her company.

Chocolate Drops at 8 weeks old and on their first visit to the vet for an exam and their first Kitten Shot

Leisel and Sofia




We are the Chocolate Drops and this will be our last group picture.  We will be going to our new homes for the holidays. 

Sammy and Riley



This little girl is Pippa.  She is a busy little girl and sweet as sugar too! She is a Sable Tortoishelle

This is Pippa's little Brother William

This darling little girl is

This litter of 5 belongs to Kalista and Don Juan Junior aka Donny

The above three kittens belong to RunAround Sue aka Susie and Don Juan Junior aka Donny

This darling little boy is Eric  He is a Cream Mink and White .

These two little darlings are Sable Tabby and White


This little girl is a Sable Patched Tabby and White
Her name is Molly

This little boy is a Sable BiColor, his name is Yancy

William is currently reserved

These two girls are the mother of the below kittens.  Runaround Sue (left)  Kalista on the right.  Both of these girls are Champion Cats in CFA

This little boy is Eric the son of Kalista
Eric is available for adoption

This is Molly, daughter of Kalista.  Her colors are just now beginning to develop, whe will look much like Kalista with the peach color through her coat and the little spot on her head becoming peach/cream mink.

These two kittens are from Kalista and Don Juan Junior. Nicholas above and Noel on the right.  They both are Sable Tabby and White
 Both are available for adoption

This little boy is Yancy. He is a darling and also the son of Kalista and Don Juan Junior.
Yancy is available for adoption.

This little boy is the son of Runaround Sue.  He is a solid Sable.  He is currently reserved.

This little girl is Joy!  She is very laid back and sweet as sugar.  She is a Sable and White RagaMuffin baby
Joy has been chosen!

This little darling is Pippa, she is quite the little model !  Pippa is a Sable Sepia Tortoishell.  She gets her beauty from her lovely mother   "Run Around Sue".
Pippa is currently available for adoption

Molly with her mother Kalista.  Molly has been Chosen

Noel is available for adoption

Please feel free to email or call if you think one of these precious babies would make a special addition to your family.  I would like to know where you live, information about the home where a kitten would be living, yourself and family nd other pets if any, in your family.

It is play time at LuvNMuffin   The kittens are now 11 weeks old and full of energy and love.

Breeding Exclusively RagaMuffins for the past 13 years

Nicholas, Noel and Eric are the last available Kittens for 2012
They will be 14 weeks old this week.
All three are amazing kittens.  Eric is such a sweet boy, loves to sit with you, Nicholas has an amazing face with such expressive eyes, his twin sister Noel is just precious.

Pippa has been Chosen

Molly on the left has been chosen
       Noel on the right is available for adoption

Play time with Noel and Eric, both are available for adoption

Yancy has been chosen

Nicholas and Eric are both available for adoption

William and  Joy have both been chosen and will be going to their new homes in a couple weeks.



RagaMuffin Kittens from LuvNMuffin RagaMuffins Variety of Colors

RagaMuffin Family Picture

Nicholas is a wonderful little boy with an amazing little personality.  He enjoys napping on your lap and easily communicates with his lovely eyes.

Nicholas    and    Eric
are both available for adoption

Play time can make kittens really tired !

Nicholas and Eric have been Chosen and are no longer available for adoption

Molly and Noel