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We are 6 weeks old here and just so sweet

We are 7 weeks old here

My name is Coco Puff, I am a Brown Classic Tabby and White with a very sweet little personality, I like to be held and I love to play.  My daddy, Buddy, shared his nose freckle with me, isn't it cute and my smudge gives me so much personality.

Faith  Glory and  Kalista
Momma and two of her little girls

Kalista is a Natural Mink Tortoishelle and White

Glory's Faith and sister Coco Puff

Glory's Little Faith will be staying here at LuvNMuffin to be a show kitty and one day a Momma Kitty too

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Glory's babies went to the vet  for their first exam and kitten shots.  They all were deemed to be very healthy and growing well, eating well and playing very well.

Hi, my name is Mango 'cause I am going to be the color of Mango/Peach Ice Cream as an adult.  I'm going to be a big sweet boy and I am very smart!  I study every one and every thing.
I have been Chosen !!!!
My new home will be in PA. with my brother Oliver and sister Ruby!

Click on the picture and look at his eyes, in bright light they are violet!  Very unusual but just like his daddy, Buddy's eyes.  He is also getting a a Cream Mink freckle on the right side of his nose, that too is from his daddy.

Eli and Kalista  10 Weeks

T he below kittens were born on July 26th, 2010 
The parents are LuvNMuffin Savannah's Glory and Big Bear Cats Don Juan
aka "Buddy"

I ntroducing the  L uv NM uffin  C hocolate D rop M uffins

This little boy has been chosen.
He is now 8 weeks old

This little boy 's name is now Bennington

This little darling is Hershey

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Coco-Puff has been Chosen and will be going to her new home and family on November 20th.

Today, Nov. 19th is the day the little boys went to the vet for their first exam and first kitten shot.  They are 8 weeks old.

These little darlings have all gone to their new families with the exception of Little Faith, the Calico who will remain here at LuvNMuffin

Hershey has been chosen and will be making his home in Savannah, Georgia

Bennington (York) has been chosen by Gia and Curley.  He will get to go live with his half brother Avery in New York

Today the Chocolate Drops went to the vet for their second kitten shot and exam.  They are very healthy and have excited families waiting for their arrival.
Caramel Dreamer is now in his new home with his new mom Gazela and brother Sunshine.

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LuvNMuffin RagaMuffin Natural Mink Angelina

Hershey has gone to his new home and is having a wonderful time being doted  on.

This Little darling is Kalista who is now a Champion having been shown in CFA