LuvNMuffin's first baby of the new year was born on January 17th.  She is an only kitten by the name of LuvNMuffin Dolly, Belle of the South

RagaMuffin Kitten  Calico with White  Sweet and loving healthy

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Our sweet little Dolly has been born with a birth defect.  After visiting our vet we now know that when she gets a little bigger she will have the eye lids surgically repaired to remove the tear ducts and sewn together.  She is doing fine and is enjoying life and playing eith her toys and cat trees.

Dolly is 3 weeks old
Dolly Belle is 6 weeks old with her mother Cinnamon Swirl

Miss Dolly Bell 6 weeks old

Dolly went to the vet today for her first exam and first kitten shot.  Our vet found Dolly to be in excellent physical shape except for the lack of one little eye.  She feels that it is not necessary for her to be seen by an Opthamologist since there is no eye to be examined.  She will need to gain a pound and then a surgical procedure will be needed to close the eyelids and remove the tear duct and other glands in the lids.  Due to her young age fixing this defect now will lead to a good repair with her appearance being pleasing.  She was such a good little girl today and received lots of kisses and huggs.

Dolly has been Chosen by Joan and Dorothy. Her family came to visit her today !  They are in love with this precious baby.

Angel and Tate have 3 babies born on March 28th.   One little Natural Mink and White,  One Little Girl who is a Seal Lynx Point and White and a Little Boy that is a Seal Lynx Point with White Mits

Francesca and Tate had 3 babies on April 3rd.  All three are Color Points which are born white.  They are now beginning to develop color.  There are two Blue Points and one Cream Point

Dolly Belle of the South at 11 weeks old

May 3rd was Dolly's , Cosmetic Surgery. 
We thank all of you for your prayers for a safe day for our little Dolly Belle.

Dolly did very well in surgery and is now sporting bright purple sutures which will be removed in 7 days and then she can go home with her family who have been anxiously waiting for that special day.

This little boy has been chosen by Sterling and named F i zzgig.

We are now a little over 4 weeks old and growing a lot, our ears are large like our daddy Tate's were when he was a little boy but we will grow into them.

I am a sweet little Blue Point girl by the name of M inuet

I am a  Cream Point boy and probably will be a Cream Lynx Point  when I grow up.  My color will be a peach. 
I have been chosen!

I am a Blue Lynx Point and White little girl and my name is M onet
Oh my goodness are we cute or what???

Both of these little darlings have been chosen by Gloria and Paul

Dolly has gone to her new home today!!!   What a special little girl.

Yup, it's me!  Rafa!

Keri and Keith will be his new parents.  He will have a big brother too, our sweet boy Ian.

My name is Maximilian    "Max"

This little girl is called Jezebel and has been chosen by Talitha and Noah of Atlanta, GA.

  I am a Seal Lynx Point and White little boy   I have been named  R afa by my family Susan and Bill in Texas

We are now 9 weeks old

We are almost 8 weeks old and will visit our Vet this coming week.  

We went to the vet today

June 20 Video at their 2nd Vet Visit

Rafa and I flew to his new family in Texas on the 28th.  He was such a good traveler and is doing well in his new home, Eating, playing and giving kitty kisses.
J ezebel went to her new home on the 24th and is getting to know her new family and new brother Merlin.

Fizzgig went to his new home over the July 4th week end.  Reports are that he is doing great!

Dolly came back for a visit, she is 6 mos old and look how pretty.

Looking for a great toy?  This is a favorite here at LuvNMuffin

Minuet, Monet and I flew to their new home and family in Providence, RI on July 16th.  They were excellent little Travelers and are happily doing well in their new home.
Updated  Jan. 9, 2012

Savannah's "Glory" and  Don Juan aka "Buddy"
    Proudly Introduce their new family of four   

Red Point and White Male 20 days old

Seal Lynx Point and White Male - Will look like his father Tate and Grand Father Ike

Red Mink little boy

They are starting to toddle around and thinking about climbing out of their birthing box

Seal Lynx Point and White almost 4 weeks old

Red Mink and White almost 4 weeks old

Red Point and White Almost 4 weeks Old

Brown Tabby and White  Almost 4 Weeks Old

Brown Tabby and White Male 3 weeks old


We are 4 weeks old and this is our first video we are all toddling around and will get a litter box tomorrow and the opportunity to eat some solid food.  Sweet Pea his helping mom with the babies and gives mom a little break.  Wow !  Four little boys!!

We are now 6 weeks old and having so much fun!

Max went to his new home on August 20, 2011

Our Sweet Little Faces

Glory's  4  Little Boys


Harry Houdini



Today we went to the vet for our first exam and our very first kitten shot.  We were such good babies.  Our vet thought we are just too cute.  I'm sure you will agree too.  See our video below.

Lucca 10 weeks old

Play time kittens  10 weeks old

Glory's  4 little boys went to the vet today Oct. 6 2011 for their second kitten shot and exam

Both of these little darlings have gone to their families this week
These are Angelina and Buddy's New Babies
     In these pictures they are 16 days old

This little boy is a Sable with White Mitts and is reserved at this time

This little girl is a Natural Mink with White Mitts she is presently on hold

This little girl has been chosen.  She is a Seal Point with White Mitts

This little girl is a Sable with White Mitts - she is presently on hold

Angelina & Buddy's babies are now 3 weeks old

This little girl is a Natural Mink with  little white Mitts she is currently available for adoption

This little Girl is Sable with White Mitts

This little boy is on hold for me as a possible future stud

This little Seal Point female has been Chosen

The kittens below have all been adopted and gone to their new homes and families

We are just 4 weeks old and just learning what kitten life is all about.

I have been Chosen!! I am a Natural Mink RagaMuffin Girl and I'm going to be a Texan like my sister.

This little Seal Point and White girl is named Gracie Bea.  She has been Chosen by Carol

This little girl is a Sepia with White Mitts
She has been chosen by Rebecca and Family of the great state of Texas.

   This little boy is on hold at this time, he is a Sepia with White Mitts

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RagaMuffin - Kittens - 2011

Our First Visit to the Vet

The kittens below have all been chosen but we are expecting another "Batch of  Spring  "Muffins" 

Here we are on New Years Day
Our sister Gracie Bea has already gone to her new home

Donny will remain here at LuvNMuffin as a future Stud Muffin

This little sweet baby girl is called Janie

This little darling is named Jade
She will be going to her home in Odessa, TX  on Jan 24th  2012

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