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WE are now 4 weeks old here in these pictures!
LuvNMuffin RagaMuffins
We are now 5 weeks old !
This is Cassie
This is Toby
We are 8 weeks old here !
We went to the vet for our first Kitten shot and exam Today

We are now 12 weeks old and went to the vet today for our 2nd kitten shot

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We are 12 days old in our first family portraits
Cassie has gone to her new home and family

Toby is 14 weeks old here

Sable Torti - Little Girl
Red Mink and White - Little Boy
Sable and White - Little Boy
Red Mink and White - Little Boy
Sable and White - Little Boy
Sable Torti  - Little Girl

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Samuel and Butler

Rocky and Rhett




Talula  6 Weeks Old

We are now 8 weeks old






Rhett and Butler
Our First Visit to the Vet at 8 weeks of age

Rocky will be 12 weeks old this next week and will be going to his new home with his older sister Mandy

The kittens pictured below have all been chosen and will be going to their new homes and families in the next couple weeks.

I am a solid black little kittn only 15 days old
     I have been spoken for!

I am a shaded Natural Mink Kitten on hold for a few days.

Annabelle                 and               Baala
We are now 8 weeks old
The below kittens have all been chosen and are no longer available for adoption

Noelle and Tate are our new parents.
 They are 2 weeks old in this picture.

We are 3 little girls at 3 weeks old
I am a Seal Lynx Point and White
I am a Natural Mink MacTabby and White
I am a Seal Lynx Point and White also
Our Colors will intensify as we mature

I am a sweet little Natural Mink and White MacTabby little girl!  I have been chosen.

We are two little Color Point girls, we are Seal Lynx Point and White.   We Are Available for Adoption

I am available too!

We are 4 1/2 weeks old now

We are now 6 weeks old

I am a little girl and availabe for adoption
I am also a little girl and available for adoption
I have been chosen
We Are Now 9 Weeks old

Both Glory and Annabelle were awarded Best RagaMuffin Cat and Best RagaMuffin Kitten in Show at the CFA World Cat Show in Oaks, PA  November 22 & 23rd, 2014

I'm so proud of both of these girls!

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